How to Maintain The Air Conditioner?

A summer with an Air Conditioner that is poorly performing can really proof to be tricky since you won’t get access to cool and calm air conditions. There is therefore need to maintain your Air Conditioner so that it breathes a new life though it might be old or performing poorly. There are limited ways a homeowner can use in air conditioner but they are as well easy to do. Every homeowner should consider doing this maintenance to add up to the life of the Air Conditioned and ensure the air quality in the home is of high standard.

Air Conditioner Maintenance
Air Conditioner Maintenance

Some Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Steps.

Steps followed in air conditioner maintenance are as easy as doing your daily chores.

First have power disconnected from the air conditioning unit. Then remove the unit cover or the filter to ensure cooling coils are exposed. The coils front sides is then sprayed using cleaning agent. The purpose of the cleaner is to remove odours from deposits of mildew, mould, dirt and smoke from cigarettes. As you do spray the cleaners ensure foam does not touch electrical wires and controls.

You then clean the filter using water only or scented detergent if you doubt is the cause of the odour. Replace the AC filter if it is missing. It is recommended you clean and replace your filter every fifteen hours as it is cheaper. Still there are Professional AC repair services who will help you in this.

Afterwards, you return the filter in and replace the outside cover. Leave it for 20 minutes and reconnect the disconnected power supply.

Lastly, let the Air Conditioner run then set the air conditioner in a way that it cools as you set the thermostat to setting that is the coldest. The coils shall cool the over passing warm air and a condensate is formed. The dirt will be washed away by the condensate and collected at the drip pan which will drain the water with dirt and foam outsides. Repeat the same if you see no condensate form as it may be due to low humidity. You may have to wait for a little longer.

Then you shut off the unit and have the power disconnected. You do the outdoor coils inspections.

If necessary you might be needed to do some cleaning to the coils at the outdoor. This is in case they are dirty due to dust and may not have been washed away by rainwater. If dusty apply foaming cleaner when the unit is off. Leave it for nearly 20minutes for the foam cleaner to work.

Using the hose pipe spray the foam with water to rinse away the foam.

Do connect the power back to the unit and do testing. Set the unit to cool and set the thermostat to a temperature that is so low. If it was not fixed then you just get a new air conditioning unit.

What are The Precautions 

  • Use the cleaner foam as advised.
  • Never allow your conditioner to be dirty as it reduces the efficiency of the unit since dirt will act as a thermal insulator.

What are The Actions You Should Take 

Do the mentioned maintenance on your air conditioner and you will always get ever fresh smell in your home by our AC maintenance services. You will also cut on electricity usage if you clean your dirty unit. Maintenance is the key to a longer life of any appliance and applies to the AC unit as well. Maintain your AC unit regularly and you will have the best of the summer.

Call Our Professionals if You are Looking to maintain your Air Conditioner 

Sometimes KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers get so busy in our day to day Life that we most of the time forget to maintain our Air conditioners But Don’t worry our well-trained professionals Will help you to maintain your Best Air Conditioner in Melbourne. You are just a call away from Our services.

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