What a conn job by

What a conn job by David. Excellent is the word might not be enough for him. Just started the system by heating our entire home got warm within few mins. Must Call KM Heating if you got any problem with your heating systems.



Nick was very good in communication and fixing the problem.

I would highly recommend this company ! five stars to Nick ! keep up the good work mate !


Nick Harris was absolutely amazing

Nick Harris was absolutely amazing with his work. He went all out into investigating what the problem was with my central heating and eventually found the problem. Was not afraid of dirty work as long as his customer was satisfied with the result. Easy to deal with and punctual too. Will recommend.

Adeline Tham

Experienced and Friendly Plumbers of Melbourne

I must say that KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers have friendly and experienced plumbers on board. They are equipped with latest equipment and a sense of confidence that comes with loads of experience only. Definitely a recommended plumbing service provider in Melbourne.

Nick Williams

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