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Air Conditioning Repair Melbourne

We Are Air Conditioning Service Experts in Melbourne

KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers is the best place to troubleshoot the problems of your air conditioning in Melbourne. We have professional and skilled technicians for your aircon service and repair. We are a leading supplier and air conditioning service provider company in Melbourne, Victoria with reliable and quality workmanship. So, you can book us whenever you require same-day residential and Commercial air conditioning in Melbourne for Repair, Installation and servicing of your air conditioner systems.

Fast Service – Friendly Air Conditioner Repair Technicians For You

We are the best heating and cooling service provider and give our professional service for Air Conditioning Melbourne. We offer a complete range of Air Con Installation and ducted heating solutions in Melbourne. Our professionals are highly trained and know the best ways to deal with a different type of air conditioners. Call 1300 93 55 88 for the same day Air conditioning repairs and installation services.

Air Condenser Service We Offer In Melbourne

Air Conditioning Melbourne

The services for which you can contact KM Heating And Cooling Plumbers are given below. If your problem is not on the list, you can contact us with your queries. We will let you know what can be done. 

  • Installation of New Split Systems
  • Installation of Central Air Conditioners
  • Replacement of defective cooling systems
  • Replacement of Cleaning Condenser Coil
  • Testing Safety Controls
  • Tightening of Electrical Connections
  • Ducted Refrigerated Cooling System
  • Multi-Head Air Conditioner Services
  • Vertical Air Conditioner Repair, and Installation
  • Residential Commercial and industrial services

Get Split Air Conditioning System Services

No one likes to suffer and tolerate the constant sweltering heat throughout the summers. Your residences and offices require cooling systems to maintain an easy living place. For Split System Repair, installations and maintenance services, we own the best plumbers team. The split system mechanism is very complex, thus a minor mistakes in their installation or repair can damage the complete system. Our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced in the service and it’s their daily job. Thus, you can rely on our team for any of the above-related services. 

Air Conditioning Service Melbourne

Types of Air Conditioners We Handle

As a heating and cooling plumber, we are working for all Air Conditioner brands in Melbourne. Our professionals have more than 25 years of working experience with all air conditioning brands.

  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Single Room Air Conditioners
  • Split Air Conditioners
  • Ductless Mini – Air Conditioners
  • Multi Split Air Conditioner
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Vertical Air Conditioner
  • Packaged Air Conditioner

Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne Service

Most of the residential areas are installed with ducted air conditioners to have relief from the hot summer. When these systems are in use, occurring of repairing problems are common. We own a team of plumbers who are well known to the inner structure as well as different parts of this system. If you get the problem sorted out with their help, that will be the end of the problem. All the required tools for the services are owned by us and facilitated to the plumbers, such that they can use their skills to the optimum level and fix the problem. Thus for Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne, our service will be the best choice. 

We Install, Repair & Service These Brands

There is an unlimited number of brand options for choosing your air conditioning in Melbourne. And, you need not worry about their installation, repair and maintenance as our professional plumbers are available to offer these services. 

You can contact us for the services of the following brand of Air Conditioning in Melbourne.

We have all the availability of smart and modern tools and machinery to provide you best and reliable services for all the major brands of air con systems in all the areas of Melbourne. Following are the brands we service:

  • Daikin 
  • Mitsubishi 
  • LG 
  • Fujitsu
  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba
  • Carrier
  • Samsung
  • Braemar Split
Residential Air Con Installation and Repair Melbourne
Ducted Air Conditioning Melbourne

Affordable Air Conditioning Melbourne Installation Service

This system will work properly only when it gets properly installed. Many people are having the problem that their AC system is not working efficiently. This problem will not occur if you will get this done by our plumbers for Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne. With more than a decade’s experience, we are definitely richer than our rivals in this work. And over these years, we have built a name of being a reliable company with the most advanced equipment and highly qualified and experienced staff. Call us for anytime service on the working days in Melbourne and get your system installed at the best position.

Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing, Repair & Installation Melbourne
Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing, Repair & Installation Melbourne

Also, Get Evaporative Cooling Repair and Service

Evaporative coolers use water to cool the air and provide the chill. Among all the cooling options, Evaporative Cooling System is the best one. This is available at the lowest prices among all the options. These days, evaporative cooling is being commonly used at the residential as well as commercial places. The owners face many problems and all of them are solved by our plumbers. The evaporative coolers require routine cleaning and maintenance as the settlement of dirt and debris can impact the quality and functioning of the coolers.

Also, the water may cherish pathogens or eggs and larvae of insects. Our expert plumbers will take care of everything. We at KM Heating And Cooling Plumbers provide all the required Evaporative Cooling Service which includes installation, repair as well as maintenance. We own the best plumbers in the industry to do your work. All the services are available at the best prices.

Evaporative Cooling Melbourne
Evaporative Cooling Repair, Service Melbourne

Testing Safety Controls and Tightening Electrical Connections

The inspection and testing of the safety controls and electrical connection are very important as they can save you against damages and major accidents. Mishaps by the electrical connections are fatal which will be for you as well as to the cooling systems. Our plumbers provide timely service such that the system can be repaired or replaced before any misfortunes arrive. We are ready to provide service in Melbourne for all brands and their model. It becomes intolerable if anything goes wrong with these cooling systems. We aim to help in such a situation and ensure that the problem is fixed well in time. 

Split Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne
Split Air Conditioning Repairs Service

Save Energy Save Money With Our AC Repair Service

Are you looking for affordable AC Repair Service, installation, and maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems in Melbourne? Don’t worry we have solutions for all of your concerns. We provide the most affordable and reasonable service to fix all types of problems which can occur in a cooling system. We offer repair and maintenance for cooling systems of all major and leading brands. It’s been more than a decade that we have been providing high-quality services to our clients. We always prioritize the quality of the service over anything else. Make sure that your cooling systems are functioning properly and save energy and bills by allowing us to repair and maintain the efficiency of the split system.

save energy save money AC Servicing
save energy save money AC Servicing & Installation Melbourne

Premium AC Servicing and Maintenance Melbourne

The efficiency and cooling delivered by a split air conditioner directly depend on the functioning and condition of the system. The compressor, fans, the coils everything requires a close inspection to maintain their cooling efficiency. We deliver routine maintenance service for the Air Conditioners in Melbourne. Our expert plumbers are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to handle repair and servicing problems in all types of AC Systems. Thus for any services of Air Conditioning Melbourne, our plumbers will be the best option. Call or email us to get the schedule for the service.

Same Day Air Conditioning Service Melbourne

Air Conditioning Melbourne
AC Installation and Service Work

The plumbers take your emergencies on priority and are ready to serve on the same day of booking. We make sure to send our plumbers to your doorstep within 1-2 hours of booking for the installation, repair and servicing of all types of air conditioning systems. We know how inconvenient it can be in summer when your AC is not functioning properly. We have several teams of certified and skilled plumbers who have years of experience and provided amazing results in the installation, maintenance as well as repair of cooling systems. So, we offer the same-day air conditioning services to make your days relaxing. Above all, we provide the best and most suitable services around the year to keep your systems running efficiently.

Our Affordable Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne

We offer affordable air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation service in Melbourne. Our professional plumbers handle all types of air conditioning systems and their problems. They can replace and fix malfunctioning parts in your residential or commercial cooling systems. Our qualified and certified plumbers deliver guaranteed results within 24 hours. We make sure that customers are satisfied in terms of affordability and swift delivery of the service. All the services and spare parts are available at the most affordable prices in comparison to the market rates. Then also, they are of the best quality and long-lasting.

Skilled Team of Technicians For Cooling System Services Melbourne

We are proud to say that we have our team of certified and skilled technicians who have years of experience and have provided amazing results whether it’s related to the installation of cooling systems or maintenance of installed splits or all types of HVAC. Our team has the right expertise in handling all types of air conditioning systems. Our trust invented in each member makes us an enthusiastic team that is proficient and efficient in providing the best performance and high-quality air conditioning services. Our team has a professional attitude towards their work however we keep a very friendly attitude with our customers and work hard to assist our clients with all kinds of information they seek related to cooling systems. Above all, we provide 24/7 services around the year, even on holidays and vacations.

Air Con Repair Service
Air Con Repair Service

Why Choose KM Heating And Cooling Plumbers?

We offer a wide range of benefits to our clients in the form of installation, repair, and maintenance services for all types of air conditioning in Melbourne. If you hire our services, you get some extras being permanent customers such as:

  • Discounts on all repair services
  • Avail the plumbers for emergency cases
  • On-time service, all the time
  • Lower bills
  • Proof of repairing services for claiming in warranty concerns

In short, we do it all. From repairs, replacements, modifications to current systems, installation, air quality check, duct installation, breakdown fixing, emergency air conditioner servicing to evaporative cooler maintenance. Call us and find answers to all your troubles related to your Air Conditioning in Melbourne at the most reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions on Air Conditioning Melbourne

How often should a commercial air conditioner be serviced?

Commercial air conditioners are used heavily. Whether it is cold weather or hot weather it is used to maintain the temperature to a normal level. In order to maintain it running efficiently, you need to give service at a fixed interval that could be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. It will help them in running efficiently as well as maintain their conditions.

Should I repair or replace my faulty air conditioner?

The air conditioner system is costly so you can not go for the replacement directly. We are providing the best technicians for the repair. They will suggest you better. Get the faulty part replaced instead of replacing the whole system.

Why is my system noisy?

There are various reasons for the absurd sound of the air conditioner. When the system remains unused for a long time then the dirt and other things get into it. Clean the whole system before you start the system. Call the technicians, if the sound does not stop as it can lead to damage to the system parts.

What are the advantages of a Split System Installation?

Split Systems Air conditioning is versatile. It cools the whole room even if you can install it anywhere in the room. It is sleek and looks attractive and is located nicely on a high wall. It works quietly and It has an easy installation process, moreover, it is energy efficient.

What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

A Reverse Cycle is an air conditioner in which both cooling and heating function works by reversing the refrigeration. In this system, Both functions are combined in one air conditioner. But both heating and cooling work completely fine as per needs.

My evaporative cooler won’t turn on.

First of all, check your cooler wirings that they are undamaged and correctly attached to the units. Then Check the evaporative coolers fuse or breaker. Many times it happens that the cooler fuse is blown or the breaker is tripped In which case, they need to be replaced. So, Contact the cooler brand service center or the shopkeeper from whom you purchased.

”Highly professional”

Book KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers if you need a good air Conditioning service in Melbourne. They are not at all pricey. My air conditioner was making a loud noise. That is the reason I booked the service. The team who arrived was highly professional and possess the skill and technical knowledge of air conditioner. They identified the problem and fixed the issue within a short time. I can hear no sound from my air conditioner and it is working smoothly. KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers amazed me with their awesome service. I am definitely recommending KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers to everyone. Thank you, guys. Keep up the good work.
- Oliver

Smooth Air Conditioner Installation

We shifted to a new house and needed our air conditioner to be installed. Thankfully we found KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers in time. They provided same day service and we didn’t have to live without an air con even for a day. The job was done smoothly amidst all the chaos of moving in. Happy and highly thankful for a wonderful experience.
- - Roy Davies

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