Troubleshooting Guide For Common Air Conditioner Problem

Air-conditioner is an essential equipment for survival in summer, without an air conditioner, it becomes difficult to even think about the summers. Imagine a hot day and you’re sweating inside your own house and you can’t do anything to escape from the heat, feeling suffocated? That’s exactly how your day would be in summers without the air conditioners. However, the apocalypse hasn’t arrived yet, your air-conditioner is at home and won’t go anywhere to let you suffer in hot Australian summers. But there are a few certain things which might happen because your air-conditioner is a simple machine, glitches and problems can happen.

In this blog, you’ll read some ways to troubleshoot common problems of an air-conditioner. Also, when you need air conditioner repair services.

Air Conditioner Repair Services

Air Conditioner Repair Services

So Here’s The Guide Of Troubleshooting Some Problems

  • Air-Conditioner Isn’t Turning On.

    The most common thing which might spoil your mood on a hot summer day is your air-conditioner isn’t turning on. There are several reasons that why your air-conditioner is suddenly stopped and not turning on now. The most possible reason is that the fuse which bridges the electric supply to the air-conditioner has been blown. The second possible reason is that the thermostat is not communicating with the air-conditioner micro-computer unit. You need to check the supply is going to the air-conditioner, see if MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is down, if the switch is down, turn it up and try starting the air-conditioner, if the problem isn’t resolved, the thermostat of air-conditioner might have been malfunctioned. To fix that you need to contact an air conditioner repair professional.

  • Thermostat Malfunctioned.

    The thermostat has an important role in an air-conditioner, it maintains the temperature and controls the functioning of the compressor unit. If the thermostat gets crash or it got incorrectly calibrated, the operation of air-conditioner will be disturbed. The problem in thermostat should be handled by professional air conditioning services. While air contioner repair work, the proper tool and equipment are required to fix the thermostat issue, thus it’s recommended to call professionals air conditioner repair services.

  • Low Cooling.

    Sometimes the air-conditioner slows down the cooling process, which results in discomfort in the room. The low cooling problem happens because you might’ve not adjusted the temperature of there is low refrigerant in the compressor. Sometimes leakage in the unit can also cause the low colling, either case you need to call professionals because they’ll figure out the root cause and fix the issue accordingly.

  • Keep An Eye On Condenser.

    The condenser unit remains outside of the air-conditioner unit, which makes it vulnerable to dust build up. If the dust build-up occurs in huge quantity, the AC unit will not able to throw the heat away from the compressor, which can cause low cooling. Thus, the condenser must be cleaned from time to time.

    Air Conditioner Repair

    Air Conditioner Repair

Ducts Leaking Air.

When there is leakage in the ducts, the air becomes warmer and can affect the compressor. The leakage in the duct should be handled by professionals, the leakage in the duct can compromise with the performance of the compressor and cause malfunction. KM Heating And Cooling is a leading heating and cooling repair service provider. Visit our website to know the estimate of air conditioner repair services, we assure you that we’ll provide you with the quality services at a low price.

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