Things That Can Hamper Your Air Conditioner

It is harder for humans to survive without air condition in the season of hot summers. While you can enjoy the summer on the beaches, tanning your skin you also need a cool wind atmosphere inside the home for your satisfaction.  What if your air conditioner is not cooling at all. That must be annoying, all day working out and now when you are back and need to relax you find out that your air conditioner isn’t working. You must prepare your Air conditioner repaired by yourself or you can hire any professionals cooling service Melbourne.

The Collection Of Dirt And Debris Blocking The Filter

When dirt and other debris gets jammed into the filters, the air-conditioner system starts cooling slowly and very low in a room. Before starting the air-conditioner keep in mind to clean the filters properly. The pump and compressor work well if the filters are cleaned properly the cooling system stays intact.

Problem With The Compressor.

Professional Air Conditioner Services

Professional Air Conditioner Services

The compressor is the main component of an air conditioner. It pressurised the freon gas which then moved through the pipe and makes it cool. The blower then consumes the cooling and blow outside. Any problem in the compressor may result in poor cooling.

Fan Problem

There are two types of fans fitted inside an air-conditioner. One is a condenser which remains outside the air-conditioner and another one is the evaporator fan which is placed inside, commonly known as a blower. The condenser exhaust the heat and blower moves cool air through ventilation gaps. Any problem in belt or rotation of the fan can cause poor cooling.

Gas Leakage.

If there’s any gas leakage through the entire system of the air-conditioner the pipe would be resulting in poor cooling quality. You need to find and spot the leakage and repair it, also you need to fill the gas. If you ignore this problem, your compressor will damage which will be harmful to both you and family.

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Air Conditioner Repair Service

Air Conditioner Repair Service

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