Maintinance Tips For Split System Air-Conditioner

Summer has almost arrived in Australia, the summer leads to high electricity bills and all-day running air-conditioners to keep the house cool. But the question we should ask ourselves is does the best air conditioners in our homes are working at their best? The split system air conditioner in our houses is the best equipment we can have for cooling the house.

You can follow these simple steps in order to make your split air conditioner smoothly throughout the summer.

Maintinance Tips For Split System Air-Conditioner

Maintinance Tips For Split System Air-Conditioner

Filters Checking.

One of the important and the often overlooked fact is about cleaning the filters. Filters are very important, by preventing dust from going inside the air conditioner.

The air which circulates throughout our house contains loads of dust, which is harmful to our health and builds upon things. This dust can be controlled, by cleaning the filter every month.

To clean the split air conditioner, open the cover of the front panel and pull the filter. Now, clean it, if it’s damaged, you can replace it using a new one.

Do Check The Compressor Regularly.

Another important component of your split air conditioning system is the compressor. It has the key role in cooling the air, the compressor uses the low volume, low-pressure gas and then turn it into a high temperature, high-pressure gas. When the refrigerant gas reacts with the high pressure and high-temperature gas, all the gas becomes cool and you get cool air from the blower. The compressor also removes water vapours from the evaporator to retain low boiling point. Thus, you should keep an eye on the compressor, there’s a special oil available in the market, which is used to maintain the compressor.

Replacement Of The AC Evaporator Coil.

The evaporator coil is also one of the important components in an air conditioner system. It absorbs the heat when air passes through the system and in return provide cool air to the blower, which cools the room. Thus, regular replacement of the evaporator coil enhances the air conditioner functioning.

Air-Duct Cleaning.

When you say air conditioning service, cleaning of air ducts also include. The air ducts circulate the air throughout the house and keep the air cool within. The air inside the duct carries dust, debris and other unwanted things, which is needed to be cleaned as it’ll improve the flow and speed of air in the premises.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Refrigerant Leakage Checking.

The refrigerant is the fuel of an air conditioner, which absorbs heat and turns it into the cool air. A leak in refrigerant can happen sometimes, which can be disastrous for the compressor if you continue using the air conditioner. Leakage can be detected easily, air conditioner won’t cool the room. In this case, you should call the professional for air conditioner servicing and repair.

Professionals For Air Conditioner Repair.

Professional does the job better than us, they know how to do things right. If you choose professional air conditioner repair, they’ll make your air conditioner good. KM Heating & Cooling one of the best professional air conditioner repair service provider in Melbourne. They have relevant experience in this industry and making a good impression on clients. If you want hassle-free service, just call us and give us a chance to serve you.

Professionals Air Conditioner Repair

Professionals Air Conditioner Repair

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