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How to Stop Condensation on Ductwork in a Basement

Condensation can be formed on the surface of the air conditioning duct system. It can perform a vital warning to those items that you have stored in your basements. Duct condensation problems can be seen in basements of any home because higher humidity levels appear in basements. Condensation appears when warm, humid or moisturized air comes into contact with a cooling area like conditioner ductwork in your home. These types of moisturization and humidity are formed in expanses of your house that are usually not cool. It affects your ducts in attics or basements. However, You can prevent the moisture by performing some unusual adjustments. It can help you to maintain a cooling environment in your home. Furthermore, You can stop Duct condensation on ductwork by performing these steps in the basement of your home.

Condensation on Ductwork
Condensation on Ductwork

Some Useful Steps For Reducing Duct Condensation

  • Wrap Pipes To Prevent Condensation

    Wrap your cold-water pipes to prevent condensation in your basement. As you do with your hot-water pipes by using foam insulation covering to conserve energy. You can buy sleeves sized foam insulation to fit your pipe’s diameter or width. First, slide sleeves over the pipes and cut the foam with utility scissors at the corners. After applying the insulation or protector tube around the pipe, peel off its layer and adhere the sticky edge to the mating sides to seal the insulation properly. You can also wrap all joints and breaks with an adhesive tape for maximum protection. By applying this Duct repairing method, you can protect your basement from Duct condensation.

  • To Stop Incoming Moisture or Humidity

    Moisture dripping in your pipes or vents can damage your basement walls and bottom joints in your basement. It can be a remarkable source of humidity or moisture in the basement atmosphere. If you also have to face seasonal or constant condensation problems, then correct them by improving all outdoor drainage. It will assuredly help you to get rid of seepage or drainage problems in your home. Still, you have to face duct condensation problems in your home then, should hire the professionals for Duct Repairing Services.

  • Seal Ducts In Your Home

    When ducts in forced-air heating and cooling system leak conditioned air frequently then, it wastes your money and makes the possibility for moisture to reach in your basement. So, it is necessary to seal all joints and holes of your metal ductwork by using metal duct tape. Do not use regular plastic duct tape. It dries up quickly and peels away from ductwork.

  • Use Dehumidifier In Your Basement

    Dehumidifiers can help you to reduce Duct condensation by removing moisture and humidity from the atmosphere. It can be a useful method to prevent high humidity. But but it is not practical to run a dehumidifier every time because it utilizes a lot of electricity. If you want to get a permanent solution then, hire professionals to repair your duct professionally.

Duct Condensation Services
Duct Condensation Services

Choose Professionals for Better Results

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