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Air Conditioning Cranbourne

Air Conditioning Quality Installations, Maintenance & Repairs In Cranbourne

At KM Heating And Cooling Plumbers, our priority is to first provide the best quality air conditioning solutions for any type of brand unit. Our air conditioning experts have several years of in-field expertise when it comes to AC installation, maintenance and repair. By availing of these services, you are bound to get back a better environment to live and be around. Moreover, our team works day in and day out to offer all kinds of air conditioning services. Our plumbers have Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

As our culture has taken a root in the core values of providing qualitative services for air conditioning systems, we are a reliable team throughout Cranbourne. And not to mention our service affordability that maintains transparency as a barrier. One of the pillar values of our air conditioning Cranbourne team is that we are local experts grouped. So, get in touch with us today by calling  1300 93 55 88  and choose the service you need.

Availability Of Best Solutions For Ducted Reverse Air Conditioning In Cranbourne

Are you searching for quality solutions for ducted reverse air conditioning? Count on us. Among Cranbourne locals, we can be considered as a local team that is most preferred when it comes to providing AC services. Because our air conditioning Cranbourne team do both supplying and installing ducted reverse air conditioning. We install all major brands of equipment based on their design and outlook. 

Moreover, although our solutions to ducted reverse air conditioning are upfront they are considered the best in the industry. One of our solutions is to write the heating and cooling effects of the system to perfect it. Whether you are wanting heating or cooling or both requirements, our friendly experts are in tow to meet all your needs. You can count on us even when you want our assistance in the supply and installation of a ducted reverse air conditioning system.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing KM Heating And Cooling Plumbers?

We are not a new name in this industry and have made a reputable name for years now and the reasons for this are listed here. So, take a look at all benefits you can grab from KM Heating And Cooling Experts’ hands today, tomorrow and in the near days. 

  • A Free Quote- For every air conditioning Cranbourne service you avail of from us, we offer you a free quote. You can get our quote via phone call too. 
  • Help By Local Team- Despite the distance, we reach your place in the shortest or on time as we are a local team. We are a client-centric team that is both certified and licensed. 
  • Experience & Expertise- Depending on the assessment of the AC unit, with our years of experience we find the issues in a short period. After that, our skilled expertise comes in handy when our work comes into the picture.  
  • Can Schedule 24*7 Hour- To make sure our clients are getting effective and best solutions in any situation, we take 24*7 hour bookings. You can schedule us even during week offs and public holidays. 
  • Advanced Equipment- We keep using advanced equipment based on the AC and weather conditions. According to the brand, design and requirements, we utilise our advanced equipment and technology. 

Trustworthy Company That Has Been Working In This Since 30 Years- To Cranbourne & Its Nearby

Our active working and assistance in installing, maintaining and repairing made our presence well-known in Cranbourne and its nearby. Also, our air conditioning Cranbourne team uses the latest and most advanced technology in solving any of your AC problems. With our certifications and accreditation, we can prove to you that our company has been in this industry for 30 years now. 

Air Conditioning Service

Let us keep you cool this summer, with the right air conditioning solution for you.

Split System Service

We keep your split air conditioning systems running efficiently all year round with our split repairs and service.

Commercial Heating Cooling

Book a consultation with our team today to find out the best commercial solution.

Our approach to air conditioning services is client-friendly that raises no disputes or disagreements. We solve issues with AC units by implementing logical and customised solutions instead of standardized methods all the time. We are a trustworthy Cranbourne team that designs solutions to individual needs from local areas. The areas we cover nearby Cranbourne are Clyde, Lynbrook, Narre Warren South and more. 

Effective Air Conditioning Services For Residential And Commercial Premises Along With 24 Hours Advice

Are you afraid that we do not provide commercial premise services and only prefer offering residential services? Do not be. We would be glad to inform you that we can retain the functioning of your AC despite the premises. When coming to providing air conditioning Cranbourne services, we give you a good deal of providing same-day and emergency services. For both these services, we offer installation, maintenance and repair services within 24 hours of appointment. 

Whatever services we provide in residential places we provide them in commercial places as well with additional 24/7 hour advice. So, be it an issue of unnecessary noises coming from an AC unit in your office or unpleasant odours in your bedroom, call us. Fortunately, we are also a local team of Cranbourne that prioritises making you comfortable and satisfying your needs with the best results.

Affordable Air Conditioning Services For Every Type Of Popular Brands

For noise-free, clear air quality, value-adding and an increased cooling capacity AC unit, you can hire us for various services. The services include AC installation, maintenance and repairs. Our air conditioning Cranbourne services vary in different aspects like below.

Ducted Air Conditioner Installation

Ducted air conditioners will be built in the internal part of the ceiling and are systems that are different from the usual air conditioners. These units set and zone the room temperature to your comfort level. Hence, book our installation service immediately if you want something that improves your sleep, indoor environment and such.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Repairs 

We are recommended as the best air conditioning Cranbourne team for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning repairs. Because we work following the AC space dimensions, the number of openings and its placement in your property. We meet all your reverse cycle AC needs with superior and high-quality repair services. 

Ducted Air Conditioning Maintenance 

For the proper functioning of ducted air conditioning, regular professional maintenance is the best option you can look for in Cranbourne. So, if you set your mind to ducted air conditioning maintenance to do regularly, count us in for your help. Also, you have our back to make your work hassle-free and continue with other works. 

Best Ducted Gas Heating Cranbourne Service 

Our choice for the best-ducted gas heating Cranbourne service is digital controllers and the latest technology. Our package of system supply and installation includes all quality brand assessments, installation of energy efficiency systems, etc. With our service, you can also cut down your costs of the system used in future. 

Split System Cranbourne Service 

A split air conditioning system has parts such as indoor and outdoor units and unrelated to its name, an indoor unit is on display. So, coming to this split system installation, replacement, maintaining efficiency and saving energy, we do everything. Despite the brand type you want us to work on/with, we don’t hesitate to show our passion during the project. 

Evaporative Air Conditioning

To make our clients stress-free, we provide the best supply and other services by mastering the maintenance of evaporative AC units. With our help, your AC systems will be well treated and decrease the level of moisture leading to more cooling effects. Also, we are available for yearly evaporative AC assessment! 

All Air Conditioning Repairs 

We know what kind of problems your air conditioning experiences during summer, winter or any other weather. Therefore, we work throughout the year in Cranbourne with a local team and also take 24/7/365 bookings on weekends for all kinds of AC repairs. A few of our common fixes include leaking of water, annoying noises and odours coming from ACs.

Quality Assurance Is Available From Our Side

We are a popular brand in Cranbourne for all kinds of air conditioning services as we offer quality assurance as the minimum. Quality assurance is available for a few famous brands like Fujitsu General, Panasonic, LG, Daikin and Mitsubishi electronics. Be it for routine AC maintenance or installation of a ducted air conditioning unit, our assurance doesn’t miss any service. 

In fact, with quality service assurance comes the improvement of indoor air quality, efficient AC working and improvement in optimal performance. When everything is said and done, we do remote monitoring of the system to make sure it is back to giving its maximum efficiency. Now, if you decide to choose only a company that assures quality services, we are the best option in Cranbourne. Hire our experts today! 

We Specialise In Cranbourne Daikin Air Conditioning

Is your Daikin air conditioner unit making strange noises without any rhyme or reason? Contact us today to resolve this issue! The clogging of air filters is one of the reasons for the noises you hear from your Daikin air conditioner. There are also other common issues like the unit leaking water, decrease in efficiency, not turning off because of wiring issues, etc. 

As we know all these common issues, we have a specialised and different air conditioning Cranbourne team for the Daikin AC unit. Usually, we resolve any kind of air conditioning system issues with our experience and specialisation in no time. But our team of Daikin AC experts give special care starting from pre-assessment to post-assessment. We not just correct the common issues any model Daikin AC system experiences but also the most uncommon ones.


What are the main causes of air conditioners experiencing heating problems? 

The main causes for an AC to experience heating issues are as the following:

  • Building up of ice
  • Incorrect in setting 
  • Clogs in air conditioner coils and filters 
  • Fuse malfunctions
  • Circuit breaker and 
  • Defrost cycle. 

How do I make sure that my air conditioning system lasts for longer periods? 

On-time professional regular services are the best thing you can do to make your air conditioning system last for longer years. In addition to this, there are also a few other tips that can help you avoid costly repairs. They are: 

  • Keep clearing debris and leaves that are collected around the outdoor unit
  • While installing carpets and furniture layouts, do not let air ductwork and grill get blocked
  • To keep out the heat during summer, use shades and blinds on windows that face south and west. 

If I get my AC cleaned 2 times a year, will it assure me of cooling for more years ahead? 

Usually, professional cleaning for an AC unit twice a year is of great help but this depends on the brand type of AC you use. However, professional cleaning alone doesn’t assure the cooling for long years but periodic inspections also do. So, let professionals inspect your AC four times a year. 

Is there any way of reducing energy costs while keeping AC in mind? 

AC systems take up 50% of property energy and are the main cause of costing you more electrical charges every month. However, you can upgrade your AC to a newer and high-efficiency unit if you want to reduce energy costs. In addition to this, you can also use those systems that are labelled with energy stars. 

If I plan to replace my air conditioner, how often should I get it done?

If you look after your AC and give it attention whenever it is in need, any brand air conditioning system lasts for 10 and more years. So, if you follow all the conditions to maintain the AC properly then you can replace it after 10 years. Call us to enquire more details regarding AC replacement. 

How do I know if your company is what I’m looking for in an “air conditioning Cranbourne” service? 

To tell you that we are an air  conditioning Cranbourne company that you need, we will show you some proves like: 

  • Credentials
  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Advanced equipment 
  • Professional certifications 
  • Legal license and accreditation. 


Location: Cranbourne, VIC, Australia