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5 Reason Why Air Conditioner Making Noise When Off?

With the advent of new technologies, air conditioners are constantly upgraded. Though the air conditioner of today makes less noise, it is still present. That is normal! However, if you are hearing weird noises when the AC is shut off, then there is a real cause for worry. There are various possibilities that can explain why the air conditioner making noise when off.

It is vital to diagnose the issue before you can apply any solution. It is where the expertise of the professional AC repair technicians comes to play. Incorrectly guessing and then using the wrong methods can cause further damage to your air conditioner.

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5 Common Reasons Behind the Air Conditioner Making Noise When Off

There is a wide range of causes that can attribute to the air conditioner making noise when off. While it is difficult for an inexperienced person to diagnose the cause perfectly, it is still vital to know about them. Having a basic knowledge of your air conditioner is a necessary skill. Take a look at the five common reasons behind those weird noises.

Damage to the Support Spring of the Compressor

The compressor, a vital component of the outdoor unit, contains the refrigerant pump, among other parts. These pumps are held together by a support spring. If the springs are damaged or breaks, then it cannot balance the pump anymore. As a result, the pump loses balance when the ac is turned off. It strikes the compressor and creates the sound. The only fix available is to buy a new compressor unit.

Contraction and Expansion of the Metal Ducts

Due to rise and fall in temperature and pressure, the metal duct can expand or contract. It is when you start hearing the creaking sounds. It is highly likely that the ducts are not of the proper size for the air flowing through them. The most viable solution is fixing the ducts. It is one of the most common reasons for air conditioner making noise when off.

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter of the air conditioner is blocked with dirt particles and debris, then you can hear some noises. It is mainly because the dirt prevents the air from flowing through the air filter. In this scenario, you need to clean the air filter.

Fan Problems

Another possible reason for the air conditioner making noise when off is an indoor fan. If the fan becomes loose, then it can cause the collision of the blower wheel with other components of the indoor unit. This causes the banging sound that you hear. For this issue, you need to repair the blower wheel unit. If that is not possible, then you just have to replace it.

Loosening of the Outdoor Fan

Sometimes, the bolts holding the fan in the outdoor unit can lose the tightness. In that case, the fan becomes loose and starts colliding with other components. It can cause the slamming sound that you hear. The solution depends on the severity of the issue. It may get fixed with the tightening of the bolts, or you might have to purchase another fan assembly.

Can’t Diagnose the Cause? – We are Here to Help!

Correctly identifying the cause of the air conditioner making noise when off is tough. Without profound technical knowledge and experience, it is simply not possible. Thus, the best option is to drop a call to the experts.

KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers has a team of experienced, licensed, and insured Air Conditioner technicians. They have full knowledge of the various AC brands and can make the diagnosis within no time. Moreover, you can get in touch with us at all times, and our prices will definitely surprise you. Call us now and fix those annoying noses before it further damages your air conditioner.