5 Reason Why Air Conditioner Making Noise When Off?

With the advent of new technologies, air conditioners are constantly upgraded. Though the air conditioner of today makes less noise, it is still present. That is normal! However, if you are hearing weird noises when the AC is shut off, then there is a real cause for worry. There are various possibilities that can explain why the air conditioner making noise when off.

It is vital to diagnose the issue before you can apply any solution. It is where the expertise of the professional AC repair technicians comes to play. Incorrectly guessing and then using the wrong methods can cause further damage to your air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

5 Common Reasons Behind the Air Conditioner Making Noise When Off

There is a wide range of causes that can attribute to the air conditioner making noise when off. While it is difficult for an inexperienced person to diagnose the cause perfectly, it is still vital to know about them. Having a basic knowledge of your air conditioner is a necessary skill. Take a look at the five common reasons behind those weird noises.

Damage to the Support Spring of the Compressor

The compressor, a vital component of the outdoor unit, contains the refrigerant pump, among other parts. These pumps are held together by a support spring. If the springs are damaged or breaks, then it cannot balance the pump anymore. As a result, the pump loses balance when the ac is turned off. It strikes the compressor and creates the sound. The only fix available is to buy a new compressor unit.

Contraction and Expansion of the Metal Ducts

Due to rise and fall in temperature and pressure, the metal duct can expand or contract. It is when you start hearing the creaking sounds. It is highly likely that the ducts are not of the proper size for the air flowing through them. The most viable solution is fixing the ducts. It is one of the most common reasons for air conditioner making noise when off.

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter of the air conditioner is blocked with dirt particles and debris, then you can hear some noises. It is mainly because the dirt prevents the air from flowing through the air filter. In this scenario, you need to clean the air filter.

Fan Problems

Another possible reason for the air conditioner making noise when off is an indoor fan. If the fan becomes loose, then it can cause the collision of the blower wheel with other components of the indoor unit. This causes the banging sound that you hear. For this issue, you need to repair the blower wheel unit. If that is not possible, then you just have to replace it.

Loosening of the Outdoor Fan

Sometimes, the bolts holding the fan in the outdoor unit can lose the tightness. In that case, the fan becomes loose and starts colliding with other components. It can cause the slamming sound that you hear. The solution depends on the severity of the issue. It may get fixed with the tightening of the bolts, or you might have to purchase another fan assembly.

Can’t Diagnose the Cause? – We are Here to Help!

Correctly identifying the cause of the air conditioner making noise when off is tough. Without profound technical knowledge and experience, it is simply not possible. Thus, the best option is to drop a call to the experts.

KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers has a team of experienced, licensed, and insured Air Conditioner technicians. They have full knowledge of the various AC brands and can make the diagnosis within no time. Moreover, you can get in touch with us at all times, and our prices will definitely surprise you. Call us now and fix those annoying noses before it further damages your air conditioner.

Air conditioners are necessary equipment in summers. Which plays an exclusive role in cooling up the premises when you directly come inside from outside. If it doesn’t work you start feeling uncomfortable and irritated due to heat.

Air Conditioner Services
Air Conditioner Services

Follow The Given Below Procedures To Troubleshoot The Air Conditioner;

The Air Conditioner Is Not Turning On

  • The worst feeling comes in summers while your air conditioner stops working or doesn’t turn on.
  • There might be a fuse blown in the wiring or short circuit problem.
  • Simply check all wiring covering your air conditioner.
  • Check properly the tripped circuit breaker. if you’re not able to find any problem then take help from air conditioner repair professional.

A Problem In The Thermostat.

  • A thermostat helps in maintaining the temperature.
  • Due to which it plays a cooling role in the function of the air conditioner.
  • If it stops its function of incorrectly calibrated then it can damage your air conditioner unit.
  • Always take help from heating ventilation and air conditioning repair service professionals.
  • With highly qualified technician helps they make sure to fix the problem on time.
Air Conditioner Repair
Air Conditioner Repair

The Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling.

  • If the air conditioner is not cooling properly then it must be due to the low refrigerant in the compressor.
  • To fill the refrigerant hire professionals to make it work again with the best result in cooling the premises thoroughly.

Checking Of The Condenser.

  • A condenser unit is vulnerable to dust build up. It is placed outside of the AC.
  • If there is a lot of dirt and dust stuck in your compressor then your ac will not be able to remove heat properly.
  • It will not cool the ac properly. So, keep the condenser clean regularly you’ll notice the cooling has been improved and by taking help from professional you’ll see much better results in the cooling and the performance.

Frozen evaporator coil.

  • When dust builds up in the filter of low refrigerant in the compressor it causes a thin layer of ice on the evaporator coil which makes the air flow more slowly and stops cooling your premises.
  • To repair the AC and solve the problem always hire professional for a safe and best results.

Leaking ducts

  • If you notice any warm air then there must be a leaking duct in your air conditioner which results in the faulty compressor.
  • If you have a leakage in the duct keep in mind to immediately fix it or call professionals directly.
  • If you ignore such a task then it can be dangerous to you and your family a healthy and hygienic environment.
Professional Air Conditioner Repair Services
Professional Air Conditioner Repair Services

Professional Help

For the best heating and cooling repair service contact at  KM Heating and Cooling Plumbers. We are the top best services provider in Melbourne. Our professional air conditioner repair gives you a quality of service at an affordable price with good deals. For more information on our special services feel free to call us today and book an appointment.

Air-conditioner is an essential equipment for survival in summer, without an air conditioner, it becomes difficult to even think about the summers. Imagine a hot day and you’re sweating inside your own house and you can’t do anything to escape from the heat, feeling suffocated? That’s exactly how your day would be in summers without the air conditioners. However, the apocalypse hasn’t arrived yet, your air-conditioner is at home and won’t go anywhere to let you suffer in hot Australian summers. But there are a few certain things which might happen because your air-conditioner is a simple machine, glitches and problems can happen.

In this blog, you’ll read some ways to troubleshoot common problems of an air-conditioner. Also, when you need air conditioner repair services.

Air Conditioner Repair Services

Air Conditioner Repair Services

So Here’s The Guide Of Troubleshooting Some Problems

  • Air-Conditioner Isn’t Turning On.

    The most common thing which might spoil your mood on a hot summer day is your air-conditioner isn’t turning on. There are several reasons that why your air-conditioner is suddenly stopped and not turning on now. The most possible reason is that the fuse which bridges the electric supply to the air-conditioner has been blown. The second possible reason is that the thermostat is not communicating with the air-conditioner micro-computer unit. You need to check the supply is going to the air-conditioner, see if MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is down, if the switch is down, turn it up and try starting the air-conditioner, if the problem isn’t resolved, the thermostat of air-conditioner might have been malfunctioned. To fix that you need to contact an air conditioner repair professional.

  • Thermostat Malfunctioned.

    The thermostat has an important role in an air-conditioner, it maintains the temperature and controls the functioning of the compressor unit. If the thermostat gets crash or it got incorrectly calibrated, the operation of air-conditioner will be disturbed. The problem in thermostat should be handled by professional air conditioning services. While air contioner repair work, the proper tool and equipment are required to fix the thermostat issue, thus it’s recommended to call professionals air conditioner repair services.

  • Low Cooling.

    Sometimes the air-conditioner slows down the cooling process, which results in discomfort in the room. The low cooling problem happens because you might’ve not adjusted the temperature of there is low refrigerant in the compressor. Sometimes leakage in the unit can also cause the low colling, either case you need to call professionals because they’ll figure out the root cause and fix the issue accordingly.

  • Keep An Eye On Condenser.

    The condenser unit remains outside of the air-conditioner unit, which makes it vulnerable to dust build up. If the dust build-up occurs in huge quantity, the AC unit will not able to throw the heat away from the compressor, which can cause low cooling. Thus, the condenser must be cleaned from time to time.

    Air Conditioner Repair

    Air Conditioner Repair

Ducts Leaking Air.

When there is leakage in the ducts, the air becomes warmer and can affect the compressor. The leakage in the duct should be handled by professionals, the leakage in the duct can compromise with the performance of the compressor and cause malfunction. KM Heating And Cooling is a leading heating and cooling repair service provider. Visit our website to know the estimate of air conditioner repair services, we assure you that we’ll provide you with the quality services at a low price.

Air Conditioner Service

Air Conditioner Service

All the seasons have some pros and cons, summer is, on the other hand, is harder on humans. While you can enjoy the summer on beaches, tanning your skin. You also need cold wind at night to sleep in peace. What if you pick the remote and turn on the air-conditioner and it turns out, the air conditioner is not cooling at all. That must be annoying, you were exposed to the sun all day and now the air-conditioner isn’t working. Remember, before making this kind of plan, you must prepare your Air conditioner by yourself or you can hire any professionals.

The accumulation of dirt and debris choking the filter

When dirt and other debris stuck into the filters the air-conditioner limits the cooling in a room. Clean the filter, before starting the air-conditioner. The dirt can damage the pump and compromise the cooling system.

Problem with the compressor

The compressor is the main component of an air conditioner. It pressurised the freon gas which then moved through the pipe and makes it cool. The blower then consumes the cooling and blow outside. Any problem in compressor may result in poor cooling. Check if the compressor is working properly.

Professionals Air Conditioner Service

Professionals Air Conditioner Service

The problem in the fan

There are two fans inside an air-conditioner. One is a condenser which remains outside the air-conditioner and evaporator fan which is placed inside, commonly known as a blower. The condenser exhaust the heat and blower moves cool air through ventilation gaps. Any problem in belt or rotation of the fan can cause poor cooling.

Gas Leakage

If there’s any leakage through the entire system of the air-conditioner. The pipe would not cool resulting in poor cooling. You need to find the leakage and repair it, also you need to fill the gas.

If you ignore this problem, your compressor will damage.

How To Detect Aircon Gas Leaking

How To Detect Aircon Gas Leaking

Take professionals help

KM Heating & Cooling is one of the largest cooling & heating plumbers in Melbourne. They deal in all kind of cooling and heating repair services for e.g air-condition services in melbourne . We have a team of expert technician who’s excellent in handling all kind of air-condition machinery. Our team is always equipped with the right tool and fix things on time. You can always trust our services, we believe in providing quality services to our clients. Call on our numbers for your air-conditioner repair and give us chance to serve you.

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